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We existed,only not to you,until now. Journey to the first quarter of the previous century when majestic steamships sheared the Atlantic waves before the Great War. Famous men Irving Berlin,Jerome Kern, George Arliss, and Leo Carrillo were members of a secret society on the RMS Mauretania. Actresses Constance Collier, Lena Ashwell, Pauline Chase, Alice Lloyd, Irene Fenwick, and Princess Paola of Saxe-Weimar were initiated. Ethelwyn Leveaux,author Somerset Maugham’s lover and Sir Gerald Kelly’s muse, signed the sacred tome. Leonard Peskett, architect of the Mauretania & Alexander Carlisle, architect of the Titanic, joined the illustrious ranks. Our affirmation dwells in the true accounts of the 169 persons who were honor bound to this tribe of Atlantic travelers. Become privy to the never before published secret rituals of the Select and Ancient Order of the Heathens. The HIGH PRIESTESS anticipated your arrival.





Dr Beavington Sydney Jones, Ship’s Surgeon
Constance Collier, British American Actress
Alice Lloyd, Actress
Tom McNaughton, Actor/Comedian, Husband of Alice
Donald Newton, Doctor
Hugh Bellas
Arthur Pearse, Mining Engineer, Inventor
William Holmes Hossack, Cunard Captain
Lena Ashwell, English Actress
Sir Ion Hamilton Benn, MP, WW1 Hero
Fred Harrison, Theater owner
James Corbett, Mauretania Surgeon
Lallie Thurgate Williams, Dancer, Percy Williams daughter in law
William Seaman Bainbridge, Cancer Surgeon, Author
June Wheeler Bainbridge, wife
Fulton McMahon, Lawyer, Author of “The War Revenue Law of 1898”
Shirley Lloyd, Importer, Owned stores across the US
Leon Garcey, French Count, Railroad business
Robert Watchorn, Miner, Union Leader, US Immigration Commissioner
Countess Paula Von Ostheim, Actress, Socialite, lover of King Constantine of Greece
May Blayney, Actress
Pauline Chase, Actress
Cedric Chivers, International bookbinder and publisher
Jessie Hale
J Frank Nicholson, Surgeon
Alexander Carlisle, Naval Architect Harland & Wolff, Member of Parliament
Lady Edith Carlisle, wife
Arthur Ernest Hills
Irina Nyburgh
Peter Walker, Brewer
William Ragg Holt, Newspaper writer
Harriet Blanche Lawrence, Actress
George H Doran, Owner Doran Publishers
Albert Lund
Mary Letcher
Suzanne Jackson, Actress
James A Pitts
James Adamson Parkyn, Mfg
Duchess d’ Olivaries
Doris Field
Eric McKay Reid
Helen Kaufman, Debutante, Wife of writer Herbert Kaufman
Muriel Barneson, Daughter of famous sea Captain John Barneson, Oil Tycoon
Frank Roberts
James A Pitts
Amy Hoblyn
Harriet Blanche Lawrence
S. D Antoni, Lumber business
Robert Deford
Irene Fenwick, Actress, husband of Lionel Barrymore
Ernest Kent
Mary Letcher
Ida Barnard, Actress
Pablo Escandon, Mexican Governor, Olympic Bronze Medalist
Myra Seymour, Wife of California/Mexico Railroad owner

Robert B Smith. Lyricist, business agent, Broadway Producer
Mark Leuscher, Broadway producer, agent
Hazel Troutman, Actress
Alexander Howard
Bessie McNaughton, Actress, Sister of Tom McNaughton
Elalia Grey, Parisian boutique owner
Chauncey McCormick, Heir to Chicago family fortune
Mary Noble Doran, daughter George Doran
Leonard Peskett, Naval Architect, Designed Mauetania & Lusitania
Joseph Stern, Music publisher, writer of famous 1894 hit “The Little Lost Child”
Leona Stern, Wife
Morris Voss, Stock Exchange
George Washington Clarke, Governor of Iowa
Henry Stanford
Charles Butson
Mary Galloway
Lee Ewart,, British Counsel, Polo player
John Keppie
Katie Englis
Jesse Baskerville
Emily Birmingham
Edgar Fourt, Attorney
Herbert Roberts, Member of Parliament
Mrs H P Roberts, wife
Barbara MacRenzie
Charles Haddon Chambers, Famous writer
Kathryn Primley, Chicago socilaite
Wish Wynne, English actress & comedian
William Leach, publisher
Augusta Leach
John MacNeill
Selwyn Goldstein, Broker
Jean M Crippen
George Arliss, Actor, Academy Award winner
Florence Arliss, wife
Artuhr Smythe
Ernest Nash, Ships Captain
J W Williams, musician
W P Barba
Letiha Barba, wife
William McCullen
Joseph Woods
David Waton Dyer, Lawyer. Politician
Ida E Williams, wife of Percy Williams
William McCullen
James McCubbin, Purser on Lusitania
Harold Nevanas, Maritime Captain
Walter Hyde, Famous Opera Singer
Esme Hyde, Wife & Singer
Florence Marshall
Mary Kingdon
Jacob Cahan, Stockbroker
J Mario Korbel, Famous sculptor
Ernest Craig, Collier, Silver Mine owner, Member of Parliament
Anna E Craig ,wife
Anna Ernestine Craig, daughter
Charles Holman , Chicago Busineesman
Angeline Holman, wife
John McGlie
Juliette Martin, Milner

Anna Taylor
George Elliot Fowler
Patricia Collinge, Actress
Frederick Cyril Broxholm, Barrister
Alice Pauline Broxholm, wife
Ethelwyn Leveaux,,Actress, Daughter of Henry Arthur Jones
Winifred Faber, Actress
Kurt Waldenstrom, Lumberman
George Vitts, Manufacturer
Olive Powell Vits, wife
Philip Michael Faraday,Producer, Author
Violet Maud Tree, daughter Herbert Beerbohm Tree, actress, writer
Mabel F Skarrat, Actress, ingenue,
Arthur M Lawrence
Sidney Lister, Cunard Business Agent
Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Famous Actor
Herbert Kaufman, Writer,Author, Publisher
Clarence Graff, Stock Exchange
Mercy E Cadwallader, Famous Spiritualist, Publisher The Progressive Thinker
Ester Gartley
Harriet Silverman, Wife of Variety publisher Sime Silverman
Sydne Silverman, son
J M Kelly, Mining
Milton Aborn, Broadway Producer
Irving Berlin, Songwriter
Cliff Hess, piano player, Berlin’s assistant, Hollywood producer
Bessie Hyams, Alice Lloyd’s cousin
Frankin Wheaton Smith, Miner
Maude Denison
Leon J Garcey, French Count, Railroads
Baron Hochwachter, German Consulate
Margaret Mayo Selwyn, writer, actress
Edgar Selwyn, actor, Hollywood producer
Leonore Harris, Actress
Leslie Faber, WW1 Hero, Actor
W H Gartley, Gas Busness
Helen Gartley, wife
Albert Chandler
Dai Turgeon, Actress, Wife writer Charles Belmont Davis
William Boosey, Music Publisher, Instrument Mfg
Paul Friedman
Elsa Friedman
Julie Opp Faversham, Actress, writer,
Jerome Kern, famous songwriter, producer
Eva Kern, wife
Francis Palmer
Roland N Moore, Art Gallery owner
H Nye Chart, Actor
Holbrok Blinn, Actor
Ruth Benson, wife of Blinn, actress
Kathryn Tyndall, Actress, acting school owner
Alice Gale, Actress
Rosalie Selfridge, daughter of Gordon Selfridge, London Store owner
Violette Selfridge, daughter
Katherine Stuart Burns, companion to the Selfridge girls
Gerald Browne
Mayme McKenna,
Thomas Hope Simpson
Henry Earle
C Norman Coupland
Lillian Russell, Actress
Percy T Morgan, writer